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We help to grow businesses by using customer data to find insights, create new contact programmes and provide ongoing marketing support


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Customer Lifetime Value

The lifetime value of customers from different segments of your customer base can vary hugely. Understand it to focus acquisition activities on your most profitable types of customer.



Customer Acquisition

We can help you understand whether your PPC Campaigns, Affiliates, Cold Mailings, Inserts or Social Media are profitable acquisition channels and adjust your spend priorities accordingly.



New Customer Engagement

Your biggest drop off in retention is usually after first purchase. We can help you to understand what different customers want, set up appropriate contact programmes and monitor the results.



Customer Retention

Good retention requires understanding customer product preferences, price sensitivity, lifecycle stage and more. We can segment your customer base and help you set up and test customer-focussed marketing activities.



Churn Prediction

Our churn prediction modelling can identify which customers are likely to lapse. Make sure you identify high value customers at risk and put strategies in place to keep their business.



Mailing Selections

RFM is a good start, but our Propensity Modelling based on many more variables can dramatically increase your mailing ROI. By understanding mailing demand uplift and selecting customers based on our modelling you'll cut spend on unprofitable customers.




Who we are



Onda Analytics was founded in 2009 by experienced data analysts Dan Jones and Tom Harden.


Tailored to your needs



Our clients are all different, so we work closely with them to work out how best we can help. We start with a discussion to understand your business and the challenges you face. We then outline the ways we can help tackle your questions.



Who we work with



We have worked with many types of businesses, including B2B, e-commerce, direct marketing and multi-channel retailers. Our clients range in £ revenue from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions and work in a number of sectors such as Travel, Sports & Leisure, Charities, Fashion, Food, DIY and Medical.



From one-off to long-term partnerships



Our work can range from getting answers to specific difficult questions or providing a one off "health check" to improve your understanding of your customer base, to creating tools and data feeds for you and becoming a long term partner to your marketing team.









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To find out more about how we can help you, just get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss the particular challenges facing your business.







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